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Learn to Grow Fruit Trees in San Diego.

Learn to Grow Organically

Learn to Grow Fruit Trees in San Diego.

Learn to Grow Organically

About Fruitmommy

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Experienced Organic Fruit Tree Specialist

Nalani is an organic fruit tree specialist providing home consultation for families throughout San Diego and Orange Counties. She provides a full backyard audit of all existing trees including soil testing, one time advice consultation, new planting project management, design and layout of new successive ripening backyard orchards, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of current fruit trees on the property including corrective and artistic pruning, micronutrient spray treatments, organic spray treatments for pests and diseases, and organic fertilization of fruit trees, nut trees, veggies, grapes and vines.

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It's Time to Ditch the Chemicals.

At Fruitmommy there is only one choice. I will not tell you that Round up is safe. I will not find a happy medium between the application of chemical fertilizer and natural. I will not be spraying pesticides or telling you that its ok to do so. My mission is clear. EDUCATION. You see there is absolutely no need to subscribe to the old ways of doing things that kill the Earth, destroy your health, and only exist to make large coorperations money. All you need is basic training on what to do that actually works that wont harm your family or destroy the environment. Most people use chemical not because they don't care, but because they don't know whats its doing or they don't know what to do instead. Fruitmommy is here to teach you what to do and we promise it is very easy and 10 times more effective.

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We Want to Make You Happy!

At Fruitmommy the entire goal is to make you fall in love with growing your garden and being connected to the Earth and your personal food source. It is vitally important that you are delighted with the results of your experience. That you truly feel the life changing process taking place in your home and for your health, and that you come away from the experience with a new perspective on growing food and connecting with your environment. Our goal is to make you feel the true joy of growing Fruit Trees in San Diego.


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Fruitmommy is committed to loving all creatures big and small and finding th least invasive but most effectivee method for treatment.


RAPID RESPONSE Amino Acid Fertilizer


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RAPID RESPONSE is a water soluble powder which instantly mixes with water to form a high nitrogen liquid fertilizer to be used on fruit trees, nut trees, grapes, veggies, and flowers. Specifically formutated for San Diegos' challenging water and soil conditions. RAPID RESPONSE is packed with a full line of micro nutrients, kelp, humic acid, and beneficial fungi and bacteria.You now only need to use one product to give your plants the nutrition they truly need to thrive. Each bag make 100 gallons of fertilizer and new growth can be seen in as little as 48 hours on sick and dying plants. On healthy/moderately healthy trees rich dense harvests of fruits and flowers can be seen making you a fan for life. Completely organic and Vegan,RAPID RESPONSE is a cutting edge product that is so safe a child can apply it.

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Your Fruit Tree Specialist

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Read about Nalani and what she does as a Fruit Tree Specialist,


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Watch the Fruitmommy channel on You tube. Daily videos of life as a SoCal fruit tree specialist.

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Organic water soluble fertilizer

Because RAPID RESPONSE is the #1 thing you can do to get maximum harvests and completely rehab your sick trees, all new customers will have the option of Buy 3 get 1 FREE on the 16. oz bags. That's a savings of $39!!!!! And on top of that Fruitmommy will throw in 50 gallons worth of super concentrated Mycorrhizal fungi which stimulates the root system of any tree to explode with new masses of healthy white roots. Contact Nalani for your special deal and start reviving your garden today!

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Watch for these topics to be discussed in detail in the up coming months.

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Q. My trees leaves are yellow and the tree looks sad. What should I do?...........

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Minnie Royal Cherry Tree. Socals best choice for a stone fruit Cherry Tree.