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Meet your Fruit Tree Specialist

Nalani is here to help you.

Hi my name is Nalani and I am a fruit tree specialist living and working in San Diego County. I provide tree services for fruit trees including  total revitalization of your struggling fruit trees and veggie gardens. I provide monthly service -weekly service -bi-monthly service or one time consultations.  

School Gardens, patio gardens, backyard garden boxes, mini orchard, 1 or 2 fruit trees? No problem! New plantings , soil management, classes and workshops, organic fertilizers for sale, phone consulting, organic organic organic!!

Are your trees no longer producing the harvests they once had? Do you see yellow leaves? Do you see dead branches? Do you have a strong feeling that something is wrong but you have no idea what? I can help you correcting all of these things. I am trained to diagnose nutritional deficiencies in fruit trees, nutritional deficiencies in your soil, bugs and diseases of fruit trees, and I am also able to correctly prune or artistically prune any tree to be absolutely beautiful and healthy once again. I have high quality, fast acting, super concentrated and organic fertilizers and nutrients that I use to properly maintain your fruit trees. I can bring back the heavy harvests of nutrient dense foods that you are longing for. I can bring back the big dark green leaves that you were wishing you had. I can make your yard look absolutely beautiful as well as very very productive. Food growing is a vital necessity in this day and age and I can teach you everything you need to know about growing your own food in your own backyard successfully. If you're interested please call me now is a perfect time to plant fruit trees as well as your veggie garden.

Tree Services for Fruit Trees

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