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Most common questions we get asked.

Q. My trees leaves are yellow and the tree looks sad. What should I do?

A. Your trre most likely is suffering from lack of Nitrogen or micro nutrients or it is getting too much water. Start fertilizing with RAPID RESPONSE Amino acid Fertilizer once a week and make sure to let your tree completely dry out in between waterings. put your hands in the soil to determine if the spil is actually wet or dry. watering deeply and infrequently is key for most all fruit trees.

Q. My tree has black ?brown branches and looks ded from the top down. Whats wrong.?

A. Your trees energy system is not functioning properly. your tre needs to be correctly pruned and nutrients applied weekly.

Q. There is black powder all over my tree. what is it?

A.Your tree has Black Sooty mold. This is from insects eats the leaves and secreteing a substance called honeydew. In the presence of honeydew the mold (which is in the air) sticks on the tree.Your tree needs organic spray treatments of Neem oil.