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Customer Testimonials

Reviews from current/former clients

"We had a severely neglected tangerine when we purchased our home several years ago. Upon researching many tree care services, just for pruning, we realized Nalani would be the most economical.  However, we soon realized that Nalani puts into her services a level of care, attention and education that I would be shocked if other tree services provided. Our tangerine tree is in much better condition and in collaboration with Nalani, we've planted 6 more fruit trees in our backyard.  For three years now, we look forward to every year the annual event of Nalani coming over, checking on our trees, pruning them and teaching us and our children how best to take care of them. Our young children love to help her and learn so much from her teaching and interacting with them. Also, throughout the rest of the year, she is an invaluable resource as questions come up regarding the care of our trees and she is very quick to respond. I've recommended her to a work colleague who is also very pleased with her service.  We are very glad we found Nalani and look forward to our continued fruit tree relationship."

Neal Family


"I can not recommend Nalani enough! She saved our lemon and lime trees after we nearly killed them by damaging the roots. I had heard incredible recommendations and contacted her for help. They were all right! She is absolutely amazing! She met with me immediately to drop off her rapid response fertilizer and instructions on emergency care for the trees. Within a few days, they greatly improved. The leaves stopped dropping, perked up, and the trees lost less water. Several weeks later, I have new leaf growth!
I scheduled a home consult with her & was amazed by her breadth of knowledge! She gave me so much information about my entire landscape and existing garden. I received suggestions for not only fruit trees but many other edible/ornamental landscaping ideas for our entire property. Nalani noticed we have many tropical plants. She inquired about our favorite fruits. Then gave me a list of the best varieties to plant in San Diego, along with planting instructions.
She observed a few other issues affecting my trees such as mold & sucking insects. I received instructions on how to best care for it organically with a natural & ecofriendly solution. I really appreciate this because we really want to eat and grow food safely for the environment and my family. In just a week, they are pest/disease free. I have been gardening for nearly 15 years and learned so much in just one hour from her. I am so happy with her service and value of information. I look forward to consulting with her soon as we work more on our home garden and mini orchard! "

Liz H


"I have worked with Nalani for years and she has completely rehabilitated my dying citrus grove as we'll as many other fruit trees on my property. I have learned so much about organic gardening and I would never go back to my old way of doing thing after what she has taught me. Now I have so much fruit I'm constantly making things and giving it away! I love my beautiful garden and I am so thankful to have met Nalani. You absolutely cannot go wrong with her services and shocking amounts of knowledge she brings to the table. "

Amy S.